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Clients Satisfaction Surveys


Kathy is the kindest and most caring person who truly loves and wants to help her clients. She has been the greatest blessing to my child these past two years. My child trusts Kathy more than anyone. She loves coming here and feels better each time she does.

Kathy has always been professional, as well as made me feel comfortable. She has already in a short period of time been a huge help to me.

Kathy is a great listener. She has a unique perspective. She often advises me in ways I have not considered. She provides invaluable insight. I appreciate her.

We have an excellent counseling relationship with Kathy! She has worked with our whole family, guiding us through good and bad times. She always provides us with the insight we need to navigate our issues.

Kathy is friendly and trustworthy. She thoroughly listens. I feel better after talking to her. I trust that she is trying to help me.

Kathy is wonderful. I trust her with my son. My son trusts her. She works to build family bonding. Kathy helps to meet whatever the family needs.

Kathy provides Christian Counseling that is Bible based. She is easy to talk to and understands me. She has helped me a lot in different areas of my life.

Kathy listens intently and offers ideas, thoughts, and guidance to help facilitate a healthy thought life. I consider her a friend.

I appreciate Kathy helping me to find better ways of dealing with my learned dysfunction. I now make better choices and do not repeat those old patterns with my child. Kathy is an amazing therapist. It is so gratifying to recognize the differences in my behaviors since being under her care.

Counseling Services

Payments and Insurance

Payment is to be made at each session. Appointments can be scheduled with Kathy Bonds , her staff, or by visiting her website. Any scheduled appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance on the appointment calendar on the website or by text or email. Failure to give 48 hours notice will result in the client paying the cash price of $80.00.  Insurance companies do not pay for no shows or phone sessions. Time reserved for you or your family is to be paid for on the day of service.  Missed appointments must be paid for as soon as possible prior to the next session or within 15 days whichever is sooner.  Late arrivals for appointments will result in the client receiving what time remains of their session. Substitutions of clients within family systems is acceptable without prior notice if family members decide to swap appointment times to better meet that family’s need. The counselor reserves the right to stop the session or terminate services if a client or their family member presents intoxicated, behaves aggressively, or in a manner that the counselor feels is a safety concern.  Payment policies are not designed to be punitive but rather to encourage mutual responsibility, accountability, and respect for the needs of all clients and the counselor. Every effort is made to provide appointment times to meet the needs of each client and their family.  Emergency needs will be referred to the local Hospital Emergency Room.  Urgent needs should be made know to Kathy Bonds through text or email.  Efforts will be made to accommodate occasional urgent needs.

Clients that wish to have their insurance filed for services should contact their insurance provider and verify benefits.  Kathy Bonds is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Please verify with your insurance provider that they cover counseling with an LPC.  Ask if you need a referral for counseling and if Kathy Bonds is on their provider list. These questions will help you avoid unexpected costs for services or insurance denial of coverage.  Even though Kathy Bonds is a provider for Blue Cross not all policies cover counseling. Kathy Bonds has provider agreements with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, All Kids, TriCare, Value Options, and many EAP programs.  Please note that Medicare and Medicaid does not cover counseling with an LPC.  If insurance is filed and rejected the client will be responsible for $80.00 per session charge.  Co-pays are due at the time of service. Kathy Bonds accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards.